ONLINE Masterclass - Cinnamon Buns

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Learn to make delicious Cinnamon Buns from the comfort of your own kitchen. 

This 40 minute masterclass, led by Les Nicholson, owner and lead tutor at The Artisan Bakehouse takes you on a fun, informative, step by step journey so that you can master the skills and techniques to enable you to create the perfect Cinnamon buns time after time. 

During the class you will learn about:-  

  • Correct flour to use to create the most delicious tasting cinnamon buns 
  • How to make the perfect enriched dough
  • How to knead dough correctly using the 'stretch & fold in the bowl' method
  • How to get the timings right to ensure your dough isn't under or over proofed
  • The types of commercial yeasts available and how to use them
  • How to prepare the all important delicious cinnamon filling paste
  • How to roll out, shape & prepare the buns for baking with easy to follow step by step instruction
  • How to prepare and use an egg wash
  • How to prepare a final glaze to give your buns a fabulous finish

The cost of this class includes a document with the recipe, ingredients & equipment needed as well as detailed notes on the methods for you to keep. After purchase you will be given your own unique access to stream this class time and time again so that you can always have Les by your side to guide and encourage you!

After purchase, you will also be invited to join our Exclusive Facebook Baking Club where you can share your experiences, post your successes, ask questions, and gain further advice & guidance from our tutors.  You will be part of our baking community and also have exclusive free access to 'live' sessions from the Bakehouse from time to time - all designed to inspire and support you on your baking journey! 

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